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: Hi Ken: I saw your website at the ADC board.Our only child Kathy passed away (cancer) at 34 years of age this past April. She had married 2 years previous and had a son 10 months of age when she passed. She had always wanted many children. I take care of him 2 weeks a month when his dad is working and I guess what I want to know from your perspective is does her spirit stay with him and will it always do so. I believe I have had a number of ADC's from her saying hey mom this is real (that's my interpretation), but I also wonder if they wean us off of these happenings as time goes on. It seems since I have tried to make peace with God, and surrender our child to him (I was so angry with him) and told her she was free, that I only wanted the best for her things have stopped happening. I truly just want her to be at peace. I thought you might have some thoughts on this. Thank you for listening to a rambling mother.

Hello Sue

Thank you for stopping by the home of Reaching For Joy. The Spirits of our loved ones tend to hang around with us until they sense peace and tranquility that will come to our soul with time. Many of times you wont even know their around you, but they are. As for your young grandson, they ( the young children ) are easier to approach than older adults because of the freshness of their souls, and the fact that their not so grounded with material and physical objects. Your grandsons visitations may last for his whole life depending on how he accepts them when he gets older. My mother passed over 21 years ago, and I still continue to recieve messages from her soul.
Trust me when I tell you that your daughters soul is very much at peace in the Light. As for being angry at our Creator, well thats a very common emotion when you have a close loved one cross over. But our Creator would rather have you mad at him for awhile than taking your anger out on yourself or someone else. Besides that, your forgiven before you even do anything to be forgiven for. I was on the Other Side for 32 Earth days and when I tell you your daughter is at peace, your daughter is at peace. Take care of yourself, and thanks for stopping by Reaching For Joy.

Reaching For Joy


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