Near Death Experiences & ADCs

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September 27, 2007 at 11:05:12:

Hi Ken: I saw your website at the ADC board.Our only child Kathy passed away (cancer) at 34 years of age this past April. She had married 2 years previous and had a son 10 months of age when she passed. She had always wanted many children. I take care of him 2 weeks a month when his dad is working and I guess what I want to know from your perspective is does her spirit stay with him and will it always do so. I believe I have had a number of ADC's from her saying hey mom this is real (that's my interpretation), but I also wonder if they wean us off of these happenings as time goes on. It seems since I have tried to make peace with God, and surrender our child to him (I was so angry with him) and told her she was free, that I only wanted the best for her things have stopped happening. I truly just want her to be at peace. I thought you might have some thoughts on this. Thank you for listening to a rambling mother.  

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