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Garden Of Creation!!!!

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Ken ( Reaching For Joy )
February 26, 2007 at 12:44:26:


The night was October 12th 1998 at 10:30 p.m. when at one moment I was walking home from work, and the next moment I found myself with three Beings Of Light on the Other Side. On the Earthly plane it was the beginning of 32 days on life support, but on the Other Side it was no time at all, and the most inspiring and loving lessons in compassion that I had ever experienced.
I found myself on the Other Side not walking, but moving down a beautiful path by thought alone. It was on this beautiful path that I was approached by three beautiful and compassionate Beings Of Light. Never saying a word, I could hear and feel everything they were communicating to me about, as this was being done by thought infusion. Their thoughts had actually became a part of my soul. As we traveled this beautiful path of Light, it was becoming brighter and brighter but it wasnt a blinding Light at all. Instead this Light brought me much peace and comfort and my soul yearned for more. Just as the thoughts of the Beings Of Light had became a part of my soul, this radiating and embracing Light had also became a part of my soul.
We then came upon a massive meadow of flower like Orbs. From every flower like Orb there was a ray of Light directed upward from it. These flower Orbs and rays of Light came in the most beautiful and radiating colors I could ever describe. But the most asmazing thing was I couldnt only see these precious rays of Light, but I could feel them deep within my soul Being. I had became a part of them, because I had once been one of them. For were I had been taken to was the GARDEN OF CREATION. A place where new souls are nutured, loved, and embraced with the Light of Love. This I came to know as the Soul Of Creation, and the SOURCE ITSELF, and I had just been engulfed by the Light Within The Light.
The new souls are destined to take their place in a massive universe, and to continue on with their growth pattern until its time for them to return home and further their higher education. I learned that all of these new souls would have choices to make and obsticles to overcome. But this would be a major part of their nuturing and learning before they returned home. I also learned and was shown that many of these souls would come back home quicker than others, only because this was their planned destiny to leave a homework assignment for their loved ones still on a physical plane somewhere. This would indeed become a big part of their nuturing of the soul.
I was taught so much in no time ( timeless on the Other Side ), and its with these teachings, and sharing these teachings with others, that Im still learning. The infusion of LIGHT in the GARDEN OF CREATION, PRICELESS!!!!!

Reaching For Joy

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