Near Death Experiences & ADCs
My Mom did it again!!!

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Sharon (sista)
October 05, 2006 at 23:44:53:

Dear Ken,
You remember last year my Mom called Bob. Well..... I was speaking to a friend of mine yesterday and he said that it was very strange.
After his wife had passed away (a couple of weeks later) the #'s 000000-0000 came up on his caller ID. This man worked for the phone co for 35 years and retired a couple of years ago. He said that there is no way this could be and perhaps his wife was trying to make contact with him. This happened about 2 weeks after she had passed!
well perhaps my Mom was listening in on our conversation because when I got home this afternoon , I saw the # 000000-0000 on my caller ID and it said OUT OF AREA>
I just KNOW WHO that was !! I love you MOM!!!

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