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Re: My Mom did it again!!!

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October 06, 2006 at 13:31:09:

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My Mom did it again!!!
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Sharon (sista)
October 05, 2006 at 23:44:53:

: Dear Ken,
: You remember last year my Mom called Bob. Well..... I was speaking to a friend of mine yesterday and he said that it was very strange.
: After his wife had passed away (a couple of weeks later) the #'s 000000-0000 came up on his caller ID. This man worked for the phone co for 35 years and retired a couple of years ago. He said that there is no way this could be and perhaps his wife was trying to make contact with him. This happened about 2 weeks after she had passed!
: well perhaps my Mom was listening in on our conversation because when I got home this afternoon , I saw the # 000000-0000 on my caller ID and it said OUT OF AREA>
: I just KNOW WHO that was !! I love you MOM!!!
: Hugs,
: Sista

Hey Sista

What an absolutely beautiful message that you and this gentleman recieved from the Other Side. I have a Hospice presentation in the morning, and if you dont mind ( I know you wont ) Im going to share it with everybody there.
As for all the numbers being zero, thats because where this call originated from theres no area code or phone number to be found. To say the least, Out of this area is the words of truth. Thank you for sharing such an amazing and enlightening A.D.C.
Reaching For Joy
Bro, Ken

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