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: First a little background pertinent to this post… My Wife got pregnant with triplets in March of 2009 and twelve weeks later we lost one of the three(We currently have healthy twin boys, have always felt the one we lost was a girl). Also I had open heart surgery in May 2004 and a pacemaker installed in Feb 2011 & tested in May 2011 (all three procedures involved stopping my heart and restarting it… I.E. Dieing)
: Ok so now that you have that info I can tell you why I’m really posting here…
: On Monday (6/27/11) I had a dream, now I know that doesn’t seam important but first off I don’t really remember dreams I have and this one was special.
: I dreamed that my wife (didn’t “See” her in the dream, just felt she was there) and I were driving down a road in a convertible with the top down, as I looked off to my right I saw what looked like “Northern Lights” but it was like they were all combined into one big light. It was beautiful, kind of like a prism too. Then farther down the road I saw the same lights but this time they were shaped like the face of a little girl, a little girl that looked just like my wife and was smiling at me. Again this made me feel really good inside. I believe that it was somehow my brain playing back a near death experience I had during my last test when my heart was stopped! And that the lights that looked like a little girl was the baby we lost at 12 weeks into my wife pregnancy. She was so beautiful in my dream. I always refer to her as our“Angle Baby”

Hey Stephen

Very nice to hear from you. Please dont get a dream and a vision confused because they are much different. A dream is manifested by the mind of the one having the dream, and a vision is a message sent to you from the Other Side or a homework assignment you brought with you when you were born. In this case your vision was a message sent to you by the little girl you spoke of. Dreams are easy to forget but visions can last a lifetime and beyond. The lights you saw were the same lights I experienced in the Garden Of Creation during my last Near Death Experience in 1998. You have a nice journey through life and feel free to come back and visit.

Reaching For Joy, Ken  

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