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: I have been so blessed to have gotten so many ADC's from my loving Mom. Perhaps , it is not as frequent as before is that she does NOT want me to depend on them. She wants me to put one step in front of the other, to stand tall and go on withher always in my heart.
: Grief is a journey and NOT a destination.
: We are never healed from missing our loved ones. But we need to know that they are only a thought away and not really"gone".
: They want us to grow spirituality and when it is our time to transition, I know that we will see them again. This is what always sustains me. Just the fact that one day I will see my loving Mom again in a very wonderful place of unconditional love and light.
: Thanks for this board Ken Dear Brother and God Bless all your efforts!
: Hugs,
: Sista,
: Sharon

Hey Sista

Your words are words of truth as we shall, and never should get over the crossing of our loved ones. We can though, through the journey trade the Grief in for celebration of the times, and the life that we had with them on their physical journey on Earth. With these times and memories we can pay tribute to the wonderful and beautiful existence that we have with them. That existence hasnt been lost by all means, as its just the physical appearence thats crossed over, and their souls continue to dwell within ours through messages ( phone calls ). Ah! remember the call that Bob recieved, huh?
Take care, and have a beautiful day.

Reaching For Joy


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