Near Death Experiences & ADCs

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Ken ( Reaching For Joy )
January 28, 2008 at 10:42:29:


Grief is a journey that never has a quick fix. Grief also puts ones soul in a very vulnerble situation for predators. Grief is also a journey that should NEVER be forgotten. But Grief can/should be adjusted to make way for a celebration of ones Earthly journey. Messages ( A.D.C.S.) from the Other Side will/should bring your soul much peace and comfort, but in themselves they serve as no quick fix, nothing should and nothing shall be. The only true adjustment with Grief is making the journey the best way that is suited for you as long as it doesnt hurt you or others while your on this journey.
Memories of our loved ones arent given to us to be forgotten, but just the opposite they are given to us for a celebration of life that we had/have with our loved ones. The affect on your soul of the passing of a loved one can best be described in fixing or reparing a broken down car. You can give the car a tune up and repair the problems, but the broken down car will never be the same as it was when it was brand new. In fact our soul reacts the same way in the crossing of a loved one. But in truth, unlike the old car, with time our soul will react with love, compassion, and sharing with others. That is the homework assignment you have been given by your loved ones, and by all means its NO QUICK FIX, and it SHOULDNT BE. A.D.C.s. open the door and show you the LIGHT on the Other Side, but please dont ever close the blinds.

Reaching For Joy

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