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July 28, 2007 at 11:19:50:

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Medications and passing over
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July 24, 2007 at 10:28:56:

: Ken,
: I was wondering since you do work in you think that the morphine that is given to some people just before they pass has a negative impact on those passing? By this I mean, my mother was in hospice care at home. She showed all the signs of passing soon, the nurses gave her morphine, even though she did not show signs of having any pain. She went into a coma like state within hours of getting the morphine. Did that numb her passing? I was so hoping that she would wake just before her passing so I could say goodbye but she had that morphine and I often wonder if I should have questioned that and stopped them from giving it to her.

: Thanks,
: Michele

Hello Michele

Very nice to hear from you, and I shall send you healing energy on the crossing of your mother. As for the Morphine, trust me it didnt hinder the crossing of your mother at all and she could totally hear every word that you said to her, she just couldnt respond. Talking requires alot of energy, and thats what the terminally ill dont have alot of, meaning physical energy. But their Spiritual energy is at a high point during transition, and hearing requires no physical energy.
When I was on life support for 32 days my children stated that they could tell that I heard everything they were saying to me because when I came back from my Near Death Experience I repeated and validated to them what they had gone through, and were I had been. I was also on extremely high doses of Morphine due to a broken back and total organ shutdown.
Take care, and I do hope you have a beautiful day.
Reaching For Joy


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