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Thank you for that lovely story. I do believe that children can see what we adults can't. I have a question. Why did Tommy say that his grandpa slept in the grave? That is a little disturbing to me because some people are cremated and don't really have a grave to "sleep" in and also the thought of our loved ones sleeping in the ground bothers me too. I'm sure there is an explanation.

Thanks for any insight you can provide.


: My children ( 25 and 26 ) approached me one day and said that my ex-wife ( their mother ) had requested my presence at their cousins house. It seems that they had an amazing story to share with me, and felt that they needed some counseling.
: The little boy that this story centers around is named Tommy. Tommy is seven years old and was very healthy and active. Then about four weeks before they had contacted me, Tommys temperature started rising and they took him to the emergency room where he was treated and sent home. Tommy wasnt eating and started to become very, very weak. His temperature started rising again, and the doctor was notified. The doctor said that if Tommy didnt get better in 24 hours that he would have him admitted into the local Childrens Hospital for tests. The fact is, they had no idea what was wrong with little Tommy.
: That night Tommys mother heard him talking to somebody in his room. She peeked into Tommys room and saw no one, so she just figured it must have been his fever. The next day nothing was said, and Tommy started eating a little food. This was the first time in three days that he had eaten any solid food at all. Tommys temperature also started going down a little. The second night Tommys mother again heard him talking to that same person, and she heard Tommy say thank you for playing with me, and I love you to. The next morning Tommy was eating, playing, and his temperature was back to normal. The family was in a state of dis-belief and the doctors had no idea what caused his sudden turnaround, but I knew. That day Tommys mother asked him if remembered talking to anybody in his dream the night before, and Tommy replied, " yes I do, but it wasnt a dream. The man was here and played with me, and told me that he loved me. He also told me that he would always be by my side no matter were I was. He told me not to worry, and just to be a little boy and enjoy life. " His mother then said, " Tommy, can you tell us what he looked like? " At that point Tommy said, " Why yes Mommy, he was a very nice man all dressed in White, with a Golden Glow all around him."
: Tommys story spread quickly and was the talk of the family and the local community. Could it be he was just making this up or was just watching to much T.V. I DOUBTED IT! It was one week later and the family had a party for little Tommy, and about 60 people attended. At one point about twenty people where gathered around a picnic table going through old photographs. It was then in front of all of those people that Tommy said, " Mommy, Mommy, THATS THE MAN! Mommy thats the man," he yelled. His mother said what are you talking about? Tommy then pointed at a picture in the scrapebook and said, " that is the man who played with me in my bedroom when I was sick. " You could have heard a pin drop. Nobody could speak, only stare at each other. You see, the man who Tommy had pointed out in the picture was Tommys grandfather who had crossed over some twenty years before Tommy was born, and this was the FIRST time that Tommy had ever seen a picture of his grandfather. The family was stunned to say the least. But there was still a couple of people who were refusing to believe that Tommy had a visit from his grandfather. So thats were I came in. My ex-wife explained to her family about my gift of experiencing two N.D.E.S. and recieving A.D.C.S. So I had been requsted to stop by.
: Tommy met me at the front door, and it was like I was meeting to people at one time, Tommy and his grandpa. I was the only one in that room that knew tht grandpa had one more gift to leave behind before he left. I looked Tommy straight into his soul, and said, " Dont you have somewhere you would like to take everybody? " Tommy looked at me and said, " Yes I do, how did you know? " My answer to Tommy was, " because I know the same soul that you know, and I have been where he lives. " At this time I told everyone to get into their cars because Tommy had something to show them. Even the ones who had refused to believe Tommy followed us, and thats what I had wanted. We drove about ten miles across town to a cemetary and then little Tommy got out of the car and started walking. You have to remember that Tommy had never been here before. It was then with everybody standing around him that Tommy pointed at a gravesite and said, " thats where that man that plays with me sleeps. " Little Tommy was pointing at his grandpas gravesite where he had been laid to rest some 27 years before. It was then the dis-believers became believers, big time! I also felt this wonderful and loving presence not only leave my soul, but also leave Tommys soul. As we walked to the car I said to Tommy, " very nice to meet you young man. " and he said to me, " nice to meet you to. " He then turned back to me one more time and said, " By the way, grandpa said it was good seeing you again. " You see, little Tommy grandpa had been my father-in-law.

: Reaching For Joy
: Ken


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