Near Death Experiences & ADCs
Message From The Mountain!!!

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June 18, 2007 at 12:06:15:

As I walked peacefully high on a path in the Colorado Rockies, I asked my Creator for why was the reason I was returned to the Earthly plane? The response was, for others to come to me, not only from the Earthly plane but also from the Other Side. But for others to find me I must first find myself. With that being communicated to me I said " after I have found myself how will others find me? " The response I recieved was that they shall go to the Light, and to find that Light they only have to look within your soul. Because you shall carry this Light within, as your the Light of the Light. You are of them as they are of you.
You shall be joined by many on your Path Of Destiny as you journey through life. For your Light shall shine from your Path Of Destiny as a beacon from a Lighthouse to guide them on their way. How will you find them? You wont, they shall come to you.

Reaching For Joy

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