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Helping others pass through the light.

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February 20, 2007 at 20:52:48:

I am a hospice nurse and so I have cared for many people at the end of their Earthy lives. I have had many former patients come to me after they had passed and ask me where they needed to go. I always tell them to go to the light that is brighter than mine. I always see them go North through the light. Well one morning about 2 am I was awakened by the energy of fear and I knew it was not mine. A young girl of 17 years came to me. I told her to go to the light that was brighter than mine. She told me something I did not expect. She could not see the light. I asked her if she could see the angels around her. She stated no. I brought in more angels of light and really don't know what happened after that until about 3 am when I saw her and the angels of light going through the light. This young girl had been murdered the night before and was truly a lost soul. How she got to me is unknown, I am only glad she did. A year after she was murdered she came back to me and thanked me for her help. I am only glad that I could do it.

I have less patients come to me now because when they are close to passing I tell them when they leave their bodies for the last time to go through the light. That way they won't be lost souls.

with love and light,


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