Near Death Experiences & ADCs
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August 29, 2006 at 07:54:45:

A few weeks ago, I was really "missing" my Mom and asking her to give me an ADC> Even the smallest one will do.I guess she heard me.
Several weeks ago ,a lady backed into my car and she cracked my bumper. I had to go toan Allstate facility for them to asess the damage.
There was a waiting list and the last name was Edie Gordoy. Well!! That was my Mom's doc tor's last name and I assume that was his wife. I did not approach the woman but felt certain , that was her way of giving me an ADC. My Mom just LOVED DR. Godoy.The state of Florida is HUGE. Just whbat are the chances of me seeing this woman's name in front of mine at this EXACT time in this EXACT place. Perhaps it was a coincidence but I perfer to think of it as a Godincidence  

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