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The Gift Of A Near Death Experience!!!!!

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Ken ( Reaching For Joy )
January 07, 2007 at 09:59:27:


For many Earthly souls a Near Death Experience can be a very, very tramatic experience. Everything thing about their perspective of the physical and material world has changed or came to a complete halt. Time and distance doesnt seem to matter as much as living in the NOW. Its within my own personnel experience of having two Near Death Experiences that I will give you my encounter of the three phases that helps the Near Death Experiencer try to adjust a little more easier to the Earthly plane. I shall do this in three different postings starting the middle of next week. The three phases that I shall describe will be in this order, 1. RECOGNIZE 2. NUTURE 3. SHARE.
These three phases are to the upmost importance for a Near Death Experiencer to act upon. For its within the understanding of WHY, that then and only then will the Near Death Experiencer move closer to the purest of pure truth, and the message that lies within the Near Death Experience.

Reaching For Joy

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