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Holiday Season
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Hey Peter
I just read your older posts and am sorry about the untimly death of your dad. You caught my attention because you sound so lost and yet are trying to be so strong for your mom. In a way you sound like me. So I want to tell you to be sure to see to your own needs, as well to ensure you don't develop physical signs of grief.
I know this has been a difficult holiday season for you all. It's still hard for us. One of our 5 boys was killed in Aug. 2004. My dad died 2 days later. And like you, we had to go through the birthday thing (the 17th our son and his twin) prior to Christmas. It hellps to remember why we are celebrating and do something to to honor Christ's birth. This year we helped feed homeless Christmas dinner. It was very rewarding. It kept our minds busy and helps our hearts to heal by helping others.
Tell your mom we all care about her. Tell her everyone grieves in their own way and there are no rules as to how, how long, etc. However, ask her to consider how your dad would want her to handle things... Tell her I bet my dad is hanging out with yours and my little boy is giving them both a run for their money!!!.
Hug, Barb

: Hello,
: This will be the first holiday without my dad.
: He passed on September 1st, 2006.
: I feel I do not have much to be thankful for this year, only that he is in a better place and can watch over us. My mom is having the toughest time with all this. His birthday will be 12/18 and then comes Christmas. She is very sad an depressed. I try and console her that her husband is with our Lord and being taking care of, she is very faithful but is missing him so much. It will be a very tough holiday season, but I guess I am thankful for my faith and for the good Lord seeing us through this. I will continue to pray for comfort and for my dad, and also hopefully some contact from him.

: Have a good holiday to all.

: Peter


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