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Sharon (Sista)
December 01, 2006 at 12:00:34:

A good friend of mine passed away suddenly from a massive heart attack several weeks ago. He was BEST friends with a fellow named Lenny.
Last week Lenny's wife called my husband and I for us to join them . A group of people were making Lenny a surprise party at this restaurant.
While at the r4estaurant Lenny turns to my husband and tells him that the oddest thing happened. This man that passed always teased lenny about putting too much mustard on his hot dogs. He would scream "How could you put so much mustard on that!!!" Well Lenny proceeded to tell us that right after John had passed away , Lenny was putting some mustard on his hotdogs and the whole bottle of mustard exploded right in his hands!!
He asked us if that was bizarre, We just smirked!  

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