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Our Loved One ARE Waiting!!!!!!

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Ken ( Reaching For Joy )
October 14, 2006 at 14:05:30:


Our loved ones SHALL and ARE waiting for us on the Other Side along with our beloved critter friends.
Its within my Hospice Counseling that I have been witness to countless experiences where the terminally ill have been visited before and during their transition to the Other Side. I shall now share with you three such visits.
The first one isnt one of my Hospice encounters, but you might say it was much closer to home. In 1988 my aunt was getting ready to cross over in a nursing home from a bout with Cancer. The nurses said that in the middle of the night they heard my aunt say, " Edna, its so nice to see you again, and Ive been waiting to go home with you again. " You see, Edna is my mother ( aunts sister ) who crossed over in 1986. About ten minutes after hearing my aunt talking to my mother, the nurse went into check on my aunt, and she had passed on.
One of my Hospice patients was a gentleman by the name of Lew. Actually Lews mother paid him a visit a couple months before he crossed over, and she didnt come alone. She brought Lews best friend Blackie, a Black Lab. Lews mother had crossed over ten years ago, and Blackie had crossed the Rainbow Bridge eight years ago. They were both seen and felt standing on the staircase the night that Lew crossed over.
Then there was Hilda who crossed over about three months ago, and before and during her transition she was getting visits by her mother, father, husband, and her Spirit Guide all dressed in White. In fact, Hildas grandson told me first hand that he had seen a man all dressed in White walking through the house the night that Hilda crossed over.
Now, as for myself! When I had my last Near Death Experience in 1998 I was met on the Other Side by my mother, father, and my 235 pound Newfoundland by the name of Bear. So yes! we shall be met on the Other Side by our loved ones and critter friends. It wont be the physical meeting that you experience on the Earthly plane, but they will come to you anyway you want them to. It will be an absolutely total Spiritual reunion, and yes you will know them right away, and your love for each other will be stronger than ever if that is possible, huh?
Never, and I say NEVER, let anyone destroy or take away your FAITH and HOPE of your loved ones coming to meet and greet you on the Other Side, because one things for sure when I crossed over to the Other Side, HOPE was replaced with VISIONS OF TRUTH, and SPIRITUAL REALITY.

Reaching For Joy

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