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October 06, 2006 at 10:07:30:

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Ken ( Reaching For Joy )
October 03, 2006 at 13:20:24:

: Through my Hospice Counseling I was introduced to a gentleman by the name of Lewis. Lewis had also been on the recieving end of a Near Death Experience earlier in his Earthly life, and he said that I was the only one he would talk to because I was the one soul that he could relate to because of my two Near Death Experiences. He also felt very strongly that I had a message to deliver to him from the Other Side. Oh! I had alot of messages that I shared with Lewis, but this next one Lewis shared with me. This was about his very precious grandaughter ( Hannah ).
: It seems that about one year ago Hannah and her mom ( who I have met ) where on their way home from California to be with Lewis on his journey to the Other Side. It was during the time on the plane that Hannah and her mom where watching a movie, when out of nowhere Hannah said to her mom, " mommy, did you see the Angels? " Hannahs mother replied, " but honey theres no Angels in the movie. " and Hannah replied, " No mommy, not in the movie, they were flying beside the plane. Hannahs mother said to her, not knowing what she would hear in response, " Did they say anything to you? " and Hannah responded by saying, " why yes mommy, the real bright one said that a man was being sent to help grandpa on his journey to Heaven." Her mother at that point wasnt sure what to say.
: They arrived to see Lewis, and shared their story with him about the Angels beside the plane. Lewis said at that point he didnt know what to make out of it. The very next morning I was at the Hospice Home when I recieved a message before I left. It was a very strong message from a Spiritual Being very high on the Planes Of Knowledge. So the stage was set, and I was on my way to see Lewis for the very first time. I arrived at the home of Lewis, and the very second that I walked in the front door, I looked at Lewis and said, " You know we have a visitor in the house with us, " and Lewis replied, " I was told that you would be the one that could tell me who it is. " I replied by saying, Yes Lewis I can, its your mother Kathleen. Lewis and his wife begun to cry, because nobody had ever told me his mothers name.
: I stayed for almost three hours as our souls bonded closer than anyone could understand or imagine. You see, I was sharing with Lewis his memoris of his past that only his mother could have known or told me. Now here comes the punch line to this amazing experience. I was just getting ready to leave when Hannah and her mother walked in the front door to see Lewis. Lewis looked at his daughter and Hannah and said, " I suppose you would like to know who this man is ( meaning me )? " Hannah looked directly at me and said, " But Grandpa, I already know who he is, " Lewis responded by saying, " But how do you know him, you have never met him before. " Hannah replied, " Because thats the man from Heaven with the Angels message. " Thats when Hannah walked to me and said, " I knew you would be here. " Thats when I looked at her and said, " Your plane had more than two wings, didnt it? " and Hannah replied, " yes, it had six."
: Along with bonding with the whole family, Hannah and I developed a very special relationship. a relationship that we still share, and shall share forever. Now this is what I call a story delivered ON ANGELS WINGS.

: Reaching For Joy
: Ken

Thats a beautiful story Ken,Thankyou for sharing it with us.
God Bless
Rita xxxx

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