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: Ken
: I am new to all this, the books, the sites, the readings, the bible.
: My dad died about a month ago, I am in a state of depression and just seemed lost. My mother is having a difficult time believing this happened to us.
: He was a healthy man who went on vacation and got very ill, never could beat the illness. He was a good man, very faithful and just a good person. Loved us and others, always had compassion for his fellow person. My question is, when my time and my family's time is here to cross over and we are worthy of being with our creator are we going to be reunited with our dad and my mother's husband?
: I need to have contact with him to just let us know he is o.k. and in heaven.
: thank you
: Peter

Hey Peter

Welcome to the family and peace and comfort of Reaching For Joy. There is absolutely one thing that everbody and everything has in common, and that is our crossing to the Other Side. Your father is extremely happy at his new home on the Other Side, and wants to share that happiness with you. No one is ever ready to lose a loved one, but the nice thing about it is, WE DIDNT LOSE THEM AT ALL. They have just transitioned somewhere else and are waiting to welcome us home when its our time.
As for your question of being united with your father on the Other Side, you had better believe you will be with him again. When I crossed over in 1998 I was met on the Other Side by my 235 pound Newfoundland ( dog ) by the name of Bear. In fact, in 1988 was the very first time I had an After Death Communication from my mother who had crossed over in 1986. As for being worthy to be with your Creator, you most certainly are. We ARE the creation of our Creator, and ALL are welcomed home. No matter what level you start on when you cross to the Other Side, your first contact other than Spirit Guides will be your family loved ones who have gone home before you.
Take care, and have a very beautiful day.

Reaching For Joy

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