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September 27, 2006 at 09:55:28:

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Was this an ADC?
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: My dad and his half brother had not spoken to eachother in 37 yrs. (inheritance problems). I would always see my uncle and his family at family function but never spoke to him, only said hello to his wife. When my father died I asked his cousin to get in touch with my uncle to let him know that my dad had died. His wife answered the phone and after hearing the news said that they would not attend the funeral. I felt very sad when I heard this.
: The day after the funeral I went food shopping to a neighborhood store. As I was walking into the store, my aunt was coming out. I was so startled. She did not live in that neighborhood and I have never met her anywhere. Yet she was there. I walked up to her and started to talk. We hugged eachother and cried. I told her how bad I felt that I had not been able to enjoy my family all those years. By the end of the conversation we had cleared the air and I felt a peace come over me. In my heart I knew that had been my dad's doing. Was I right?

: Filomena

Hello Filomena

There is absolutely no such thing as a chance happening or meeting. Our destiny also includes the ones we love who are on the Other Side. There is no doubt in my mind that you and your Aunt were guided to be in the same place at the same time. Our loved ones on the Other Side can come to us in many different ways, and circumstances. By your fathers intervention on that day, three souls were most certainly touched, yours, your Aunts, your fathers, and I wouldnt be surprsied, your uncles. Oops thats four, huh?
Thank you for sharing this very touching moment with everyone at Reaching For Joy.

Reaching For Joy

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