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: : Hi Ken,What a wonderful story.I believe that butterflies are messengers from the spirit realms and have had evidence of this before.Now I surround myself with butterflies on my bedroom walls(not real ones)I believe we are like the butterflies in that in the body we are the caterpillar but are then transformed in the spirit to the freedom just like the butterfly.(hope I explained that ok)
: Bless you
: Rita xxxx

Hey Rita

That was put absolutely perfect, as were only in a cacoon until the time of transition, and then our soul turns into that beautiful butterfly that flows freely on the Other Side. I have been witness to countless amounts of A.D.C.S. delivered by the beautiful butterflies, as they truly are messengers from the Other Side.
Very happy to see you visiting with the family of Reaching For Joy, where everyone is family.
Reaching For Joy

: : Not to long ago I recieved a phone call from a young lady that heard about how I recieve and translate After Death Coummincations, or messages from the Other Side. She asked me if I could come over to her house, because her and her husband was in dis-belief at what just happened a couple weeks before.
: : It seems that they were sleeping one night when they both awoke very startled. She said that they wernt afraid, but they felt the presence of someone in their bedroom. It was then at the foot of the bed that a mist or White vapor appeared, and a wave of electrical energy engulfed her soul. She said that her and her husband both felt this energy surge at the same time. The mist moved out of their bedroom and down the hallway towards their daughters bedroom. At that point the lady and her husband felt that they were being led to their daughters bedroom.
: : When they entered the bedroom, there laying on the floor in a pool of blood was their daughter, and she was choking. It seems that for some reason she had encountered a severe nose bleed while she was sleeping, and was choking on her own blood. The mother is a nurse, and the father is a firefighter, so they knew exactly what to do. It was then, and only then that the mist disappeared, but the warm presence stayed within the room. They had never had anyone cross over in their families, so they were without explanation to what had happened, so thats where I came in.
: : I arrived at their house with a friend of mne, and right as we walked in the front door I could feel the presence of a warm and friendly unseen presence. I asked them if I could walk through their house, and they said no problem. I walked directly to their daughters bedroom, and felt the presence even stronger. It was then that two beautiful Monarch Butterflies landed on the window. I looked directly at the Monarchs and told the family that he is here. They said, " who? " I replied that someone who lived in the house, and stayed in their daughters bedroom has been visiting with their daughter. I then stated to them that this Spiritual presence was that of a young man, and that he he was the one who had visited them the night of their daughters emergency.
: : At that point, I started to leave, but had this strong urge to go to the basement. As I went down the stairs, I again felt this wonderful warm presence of a Spiritual Being. I then proceeded into a back storage room where some items were left by the previous owners. I walked into the room and pointed to some pictures on the floor. I asked the father to turn the third picture around. He did, and would you know, there on the canvas was a beautiful picture of meadows and wildflowers with TWO MONARCH BUTTERFLIES. I looked right at the mother and father and told them that they should hang this picture in their daughters bedroom. I also told them that whoever painted that picture was the same Being that has been visiting their daughter.
: : Two days later I recieved a phone call from the mother, and she said that they had found out who had lived there before they moved in. These people had a sixteen year old son who had passed on from Cancer, and that he had passed away in the same room their daughter slept in. I then told the mother that his name was Billy, and she replied, " Why yes, how did you know? " My reply, " The BUTTERFLIES TOLD ME."

: : Reaching For Joy
: : Ken


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