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I also have a program at our local Zoo where myself and other volunteers take little furry Zoo critters up to our local Childrens Hospital to visit with sick children. Everybody at the Zoo knows that Im also a Hospice and Near Death Counselor, and that I have had two N.D.E.S., so it came to no surprise to me when a young lady that I worked with in the Jungle Lab approached me about her mother wanting to see me about an After Death Comminucation.
I set up an appointment to go see the mother who lives out of town. I arrived at the house to find the mother and daughter waiting for me. The second that I walked in the front door a presence engulfed my soul with pure love and kindness, and I was being welcomed from the Other Side. It seems the ladies husband had passed away six months earlier from a battle with Cancer. They had been married for 47 years, and had a very loving and close family. Everybody missed him very much, and was having a hard time adjusting to his crossing over. This man loved to put picture puzzles togeather, and he had them all around the house. He even had one of them framed and made into a picture that was hanging on the living room wall. When he crossed over the wife got rid of every picture puzzle in the house, because they were bringing back memories that she was having trouble couping with. Her daughter and grandaughter moved in with her to keep her company in their time of grief.
The wife had woke up one morning when she heard a noise in the kitchen. She walked into the kitchen and there on the kitchen table was three picture puzzle peices. She told me that she thought that her daughter or grandaughter had but them there, so she in turn threw them away. The daughter and grandaughter hadnt put them there, so now the mystery begin. I told them that they should be expecting another message and to call me when anything unusual happens. It was only two days later when they called me back. I knew exactly what had happened without them telling me, but they needed to see me in person. So when I arrived at their house again, I just walked in and said, " okay where did you find them this time? " The wife told me that after they had all woke up and had breakfast, they went in to make their beds, and there underneath the pillow in her daughter and grandaughters room were two PUZZLE PEICES. In the mothers ( wife ) bedroom under the pillow was one PUZZLE PEICE. I told them that the message that I had recieved from their husband, father, grandfather, was that he wanted them to put the puzzle togeather, or as I call it looking for the message within the message. Their message was by leaving three PUZZLE PEICES, that he wanted the family to know that he would always be there watching over the three of them. That he had not really left but was just in a place were they could not see his physical being. That he loved them very much and wanted them to be happy, and also that I had been the last peice of his puzzle.
I told her no matter what, not to throw those PUZZLE PEICES away or she would just find them again. I left them with the assurance that everything would be just fine now that they understood that he had always been watching over them. By the way, the family does keep in touch with me, and has let me know that no more PUZZLE PEICES has been found.

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